Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Night Light - Deep Jazzy House Mix (2017)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I like to call a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; the vibe can be good or bad..

It can be positive or negative, how are you trying to live? longing for the peace you once had?

....if you ever had it due to a good or bad habit; some will switch the game up per the latest fashion or fad....

....it can be due to a good or bad habit; some will switch the game up, now like Michael Jackson asking who's bad?

O-Zone? a disobedient lad, the saga / struggle continues the older I get so what's up with it?  the sun is shining here in Atlanta as I post this but I'm taking a night flight per this Night Light - Deep Jazzy House Mix (2017)

It's courtesy of DJ Dimsa - Living Lounge  your dude is trying to lounge; Terrible / Terrific Tuesday will either be great or dismal depending on the outlook; check out the playlist and the mix to go along with the scene..

01 Mangaka - Hit The Roof

02 Cisco Cisco - Jazzy days 

03 Rick Wade - Funkopolis 

04 Don Gorda Project - Rise to the Surface 

05 Iron Curtis & Leaves - Over And Over Again 

06 Harold Heath - Green Light 

07 Himan - Tory Line

08 Bas Roos, Chris Stussy - Ladies Night 

09 Inland Knights - Like This 

10 Karol XVII, MB Valence - Clap Your Hands (Kruse.. Nuernberg Remix)

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