Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Laying In The Cut Collecting Scattered Thoughts PT.2

We're laying in the cut on what I like to call Terrible / Terrific Tuesday,  collecting scattered thoughts!!  It's going down!! that's the catch phrase a dude likes to use. 

Not playing around with the corrupt!! after the holidays? not collecting debt at a call center that battered consumers! the pursuit of freedom continues!! it's Isley Brothers next phase business!!  we're exercising our right to choose. 

Listening to Eli Escobar's Happiness as the pursuit of happiness came up when I typed this into the iPhone;  not surprised,  it's a mitigating factor. 

Nappy was the hairstyle back in the day when I was laying in the cut, now I rock the baldy!! the lawsuit was filed against those faking the funk!! these days?  due to sexual misconduct the system is litigating politicians like Roy Moore plus actresses and actors.  

While collecting scattered thoughts I realized acting cute won't work, check the score!! chains will get snatched like Michael Crabtree vs Aqib Tali breaking the mold factors into the outcome.

 The pursuit of loot has some working day and night like Michael Jackson mentioned!!  O-Dizzle even went into funk mode!!  he batched up something fresh after he pulled out the drum.

 Once again?  it's on!! my people are  caught up in the action /  system / matrix;   check the condition.

Once again it's on!! due to dealing with systematic procedures an  interaction with a higher power made us send up a petition. 

Laying in the cut collecting scattered thoughts!  sometimes acknowledging space is the place per Sun Ra,  when dealing with the Ra! Ra! Ra!

Laying in the cut collecting scattered thoughts! chilling out in Donald Byrd type Places and Spaces!  there's no Delfonics La La La La La!

..which means I love you as jokers push and shove you for a dollar. 

What it do? how will we play? Marvin Gaye said it makes you wanna holla. 

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