Friday, July 14, 2017

Underground Classic 90's & 00's Rap Mixtape

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this so called Flashback Friday!! it's going down...

Digital? analog? the saga /struggle continues!! I lash back about how they play you and  me!! damn!! you can't see how it goes down!!

O-Dog checked the menus from these Hells Kitchen establishments; damn!! the meals have always been this way...

Round and round we go until our banishment from this hostile territory!! until then?  we'll continue to pray...

Listening to Underground Classic 90's & 00's Rap Mixtape courtesy of Lou Dav!! check out the playlist and the mix!! excuse us if we continue to play that old school hip hop...

That's how we get down!! stuck in the 90's & 00's? excuse / mind me!! it's just a coping strategy because the madness didn't stop!!

*Lord Finesse - Down For The Underground

*Krumb Snatcha - (Gettin) Closer To God

*Saukrates Feat- Masta Ace, O.C. - Rollin 

*Mobb Deep - Rare Species

*Camouflage Large Clique - Hitmen Holdin Steel

*Brainsick Enterprize ‎– Playin' For Keeps / Time To Shine

*DJ Rampage & Dirty Bix - The Harder I Rock (Feat Cell 7)

*The Candy Store - Escape From Belize

*The Nonce - Bus Stops

*MF DOOM feat RZA - Books of War

*Genelec & Memphis Reigns - Sakura

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