Friday, November 14, 2014

Doing The Knwoledge / Check Out What We Do To Ourselves

Took a look back using a fresh view / fresh vision!! damn!! I didn't put it down like I was supposed to!!!

I was held back / knocked off track!! like the Rosetta Philea Lander losing power  it's rough when the devil is opposed to you!!

But it's all good!! at the end of the day? I'm doing what I'm supposed to do!!  what's proposed? me and O-Dog hit you up with the sound!!

....Plus this good word; Illumination is provided; Illuminati and G20 coincided!! Putin rolled up with warships!! meanwhile we get breakbeat scientific! this is how we get down!!!

What situation are you in?? per the ongoing confusion, failure and frustration  we're standing in need of clarification!!

Check out what we do to ourselves; supposedly trying to keep our head above water; sometimes things are not fair in this nation!!

It's not fair what some are facing; they're on the frontlines of this spiritual warfare dealing with the confusion / chaos/ mayhem!

In the midst of spiritual warfare!! frontline type of business like Ferguson!! ground zero?  it's easy to take a loss!! I stay prayin.!!!!

The games folk are playing are exposed due to last week's Taurus Full Moon illumination....

BreakBeat Science is going down!! it's on us!! we're not fooling with them and those!!  rolling like Republicans threatening a shutdown due to Obama immigration manuevers!! we let you know the ramifications....

Studied what was going down / doing the knowledge!! Random selections are just like gambles....

What's really going down??..imperfections accented?  a joker said 0-Zone rambles....


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