Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Change Of Scenery PT.5

I was letting the hustlers hustle and the players play!!  you can spot me in Atlanta dipping down I-20!! I needed a change of scenery. 

I was busy doing the knowledge like the jury at the Oscar Pistorius trial!  determining what it all means to me. 

Oh!! jokers were foul with it!! after the caper? buried in the backyard is where the pistol is!! but you might have seen me all up in the spot working it out;  the style is blue collar. 

Observing the scene;  soon ready to roll as I dipped through the portal!!  complex is how the sport will go!! but now some are mad because I didn't holler.

 I didn't "holla back"; meanwhile  Louisvillians said they're young and off dat!!  or YNO..Young N Offensive!! so I let them do what they do. 

I didn't "holla back" ;  Louisvillains were cutting up!!  but that's how they do. 

Those are my peeps so I'm acting like I knew;  even though I changed the scenery up!!  I'm chilling in the ATL. 

From Seaboarding to West Coasting I see the game is the same;  some were bragging and boasting but everybody had a story to tell. 

We weren't hoarding all the drama!!  the story is unfolding as we speak from Boko Haram cutting up in Nigeria to Russian interference in the Ukraine.

But we kept boarding the mothership;  the change of scenery will help!!  but the drama is like the Gaza Strip!! we're just trying to maintain!!!

Like Vladimir Putin what are we trying to gain? these earthlings "ain't right"

They're disputing the truth while we're dedicated to we observe the scene we can see things "ain't tight" 

Observing The Scene After Changing The Scenery; Soon I'll Be Ready To Roll!! I'm On My Way!! Check This Mix Out!!

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