Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Construction Site PT.4 All Up In The Spot!!

Circumstances were debatable at the construction site; similar to Rick Warren's son committing suicide... Lord Help!! were we being built or torn down? 

Rising above the circumstances without heart and soul? they said I'm hurting my chances / didn't go with the flow!!  like Afghanistan ...too much corruption at the site? I see the level of scorn wasn't turned down! 

The structure burned down!!  the roof was on fire from the disco inferno! 

They tried to corrupt ya who? the system did!! what was learned down in the abyss bruh? 

What up with ya? how ya living? the slogan told me to watch my thoughts! 

They led to words...monitored by the thought police;  who are rebuked by these Sonic Assaults! 

...Plus Random Thoughts led to we attack factions;  slapping them upside the head with Sonic Blackjacks!

Teaching them a lesson!! they were stressing with their random acts!

Lumberjacks swing a random axe..trees fall in the forest; who heard them? 

Lightning and thunder drove some back!!  some fell to their knees praying..whose for or against us?  who heard them?

 Do the right thing per Spike Lee or go under!! please!! I couldn't work with them..the workmanship was shoddy! 

We might be dealing with shadetree mechanics..I can't work with them; like Boeing testing the Dreamliner?..I dipped through the lobby! 

The construction site was like Hobby was similar to the New Birth  Dream Merchant selling to a dream an Elaborate Fantasy was built! 

Corruption ongoing at the site? please..its business as usual all up in the spot!!  rough is how the job will be! 

....but somebody has to do it!!  and we Do It Fluid like Blackbyrds! 

Using heart and soul to rise above our circumstances; act like you knew! check these black mans words!

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