Sunday, September 30, 2012

Random Thoughts and Premonitions

Its going down...from Pluto / Mars to back down to Earth...from Louisville / Newburg...Charlotte / Mecklenburg on over to Paris and even Johannesburg....check out these Random Thoughts and premonitions! reflections....we didn't merge with the Louisville Cardinals we got defensive; all about blocked shots, steals and the Sonic Assault leads to the corrupt structure demolitions! 

Thought and fashion police with their inspections based on their projections will get ignored! 

Caught out there in the system / matrix;  its based on a shady stock brokers audacity / inflated projections; so that points are scored! 

Check the austerity protests in Spain and Portugal...whatcha know? meanwhile overseas? profits corporations will hoard..

Pres. Obama still has the audacity to hope  ...but with Republicans? its hard to get on one accord.... 

One who the system anoints is bored; now they start slacking and clock watching! 

Will they get the job done?  I doubt it..meanwhile WikiLeakers are GPS is tracking; there's a lot of baller blocking! 

Word from Rick Ross vs Young Jeezy at the BET Awards in Atlanta...who'll understand a bruh? we stewed over these Random Thoughts, premonitions, and reflections! 

We refuse to take a loss...we brewed potions and elixirs in the melting pot after being caught out in demolition derbies in the hoopties that didn't pass inspection!

We kept it moving..we sacrificed..we didn't get caught in Carmageddon...dipping down I-20 in Atlanta...but we noticed the facts were skewed; when will the truth be told?  we show dedication to it! 

Armageddon approaches...the bad karma will get some...they'll blame it on the Uranus Pluto Square...the full moon in Aries enhanced it...meanwhile these tracks are funky  plus this good word is dropped; were acting like we knew it!

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