Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Deliberate Falsehood Mixture / Scripture

Doctors were getting a taste of their own medicine; they were even asking me..whats the prognosis? 

Were rocking this breakbeat scientific business....jokers were meddling like UN observers in Syria; were we dispensing lethal doses? 

Haters were knocking this..said its  information overload;  approaching this in a disrespectful manner!

 Haters were just informants violating the street code...interrupting our transformation...then they want to hold up the blood stained banner! 

...Also a flag used by The Confederate Army? whats up with me? noticed that the deliberate falsehood was perpetrated; now David Banner turns into the Hulk....damn!!  life isn't fair! 

We aren't acting false in the hood....we didn't misbehave with it; jamming on it...per Podomatic, even Soundcloud, and Hulk Share!

Jamming on it like Newcleus...not acting brand new with this...its automatic; but clouds enhanced the smoke and mirrors.....bulk shares of the drama greet us!

... Slamming suspects on it the pavement like an episode of Cops or First 48 in Louisville; bearing witness to what the street does! 

Damning us if we did or didn't!! enslavement to the system / matrix is what it does; whose acting false in the hood? 

False positives caused glitches in the matrix; webmasters were slick with it....check the minority report..its just a deliberate falsehood!

Whats up y'all? whats good? major or minor in the sport?  

Whats up y'all? whose rolling up with the deliberate falsehood ..they should be trying to abort....           


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