Sunday, December 18, 2011

What's The Business? Just Trying To See What It Do...

Whats the business? I'm down here in Atlanta..its a cold day but I saw a joker rocking shorts, flip flops, and a hoodie! 

Whats the business? I'm down for the cause but who will understand a bruh? jokers play me like John Boehner does Obama..they try to bring the drama...but O-Dizzle is rocking it!! check the track...its guaranteed to be a goody!

O-Zone has the knack for showing you what hood will be; especially since I'm a bonafied resident!

A Louisville / Newburg representative down here in the ATL..down here in the danger zone; once again it's on!! were stacked by a gambler out for a fast buck trying to make a pile of money off you; soon busted and disgusted like the Euro zone...these folk are no where close to being benevolent!

Whats the deal..whats the business? the devil is up in it the details; so we can expect glitches in the matrix!

Don't blame it on Mercury being retrograde!! it's moving forward...but games are played when these snitches fake it!

Basically your homie is just trying to make it!! trying to move forward but slowed down like the Patriots did Tim Tebow and the Broncos..of course I meet opposition!

Shouting Damn! Damn! Damn! like Florida from Good Times; haters try to stop my mission! 

Asking myself; whats the business? from Cali to Florida..then reminding myself I already knew! 

Now I'm going on with my bad self!! the train of thought is rolling...I recognize what it do!

Now acting like I knew..dropping this breakbeat science like Russian oil spills...

What's the business..actually I see what it do..God is in control plus he's in the blessing a bruh just chills.. 

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