Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Gotcha Covered

They wanted to know this and that; like the defense bill just passed.. I told them I had them covered!

...Similar to Waffle House hash browns that are smothered and covered!

Some wonder why I even bothered!! I told them its part of a bigger plan! 

Some wondered why others bothered...they weren't initiated into the  Red Dawg was similar to a Blood or Crip initiation..
now some are headed for the taking me under was the  mission; they're trying to introduce petty issues..but I'm a bigger man! 

But I Felt The Pressure;  I was ready to pull the trigger man and blast on fools! but actually I'm all about peace like the Dalia Lama! 

Over in Tibet..with China mad at whats up with it? O-Dizzle blasted the next schools sound; he's the funky soul brotha! 

Drama was introduced...the bull was in the china shop..I tried to work with another..opposition was met like David Stern tried to block the trade of Chris Paul..some wonder why I bothered!

How will I behave with it?...focused man!!..but some say stern..I told them I was doing this for my people; I gotcha covered! 

Fireman smothered the flame; all up in the spot?  its all game!! crooks collaborated with the thought and fashion police! 

Empires were falling man!! like Greeks and Romans; melting pots boil the ramen noodles; whose acting brand new with us? we gotcha covered..but it ain't nothing nice!

Now some think the Orlando Magic halting trade talks concerning Dwight Howard..

Others skate on thin ice...affected by global oil companies returning to the Gulf of Mexico...haters were slick like oil...but it's magical they way we survive the toil and strife..still learning lessons though...might even have to fight a coward..

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