Sunday, December 11, 2011

All Up In The Spot...Conducting Business As Usual

Whats the deal? were all up in the spot..breakbeat scientific business is being conducted..actually that's business as usual! 

So whats really going on? this is scientific like the Higgs Boson search of the God Particle?  whose trying to start with ya? in this danger zone some will act like they know a bruh! 

But I'm seeing what it do....who'll front like Manuel Noriega? ..fronting like they're bossing?..what part of the game the game is that? I know.. I know!!  its business as usual up in the spot! 

But I'm seeing what it warming..climate control...but earthlings will try to manipulate the weather; making it either too cold or too hot!

The dirty work brings storms!! like Newt Gingrich who'll weather them?  that  karma is something else!! check the glitches in the Russian elections the plot or scheme fell through! 

It didn't work!! it'll bring us back to square one..some will come undone; the coping strategy will fail you! 

What can I tell ya?  I was rolling down I-20 in Atlanta..peeping game while I circled the block in the hooptie; progress was delayed by the Chevy I'm over in Decatur..through the hood I rolled!

All up in the spot!! please...these  peeps in my circle will rock!! plus we told a hater the truth will be told! 

Spotted proof of the ongoing madness..please!! some need to stop it like Edo G mentioned..I bear witness to it...I  wasn't told about it; you know somebody would probably have the story twisted!

Arrogant and aloof when I'm in the spot? I guess...sometimes because I have the gist of it! 

But not like Newt Gingrich concerning Palestine..I'm not foul with mine...some won't act right...the drama is revisited; some need to stay in their lane! 

....That would solve half of their problems; I  heard and see they stay in pain!

That's word from Herman Cain... all up in the will some work that thing? to me it seems unusual...

Were all up in the spot..check how we do the damn thing!!..conducting this breakbeat scientific business as usual...

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