Sunday, November 6, 2011

Feeling Some Kind Of Way About It PT.2

I was feeling some kind of way about it all; as the earthquakes like I let the hustlers hustle and the players play!

Whatcha know about a bruh? I still had time for parking lot pimping; the complex is made into a simple the hooptie I let the music play! 

Let us pray said the minister; from Nigeria on over to Syria check the mass hysteria...things have gotten out of control in this world! 

Let us play the birds eye view; acting like we knew when the drama unfurled! 

The wide receiver played it like Terrell Owens...whatcha knowing? he curled when he should have ran the out route!! now the pass was intercepted....Decepticons were known to be mad deceptive!! so Transformers had their hands full! 

But blessings are still received from a hater it seems odd..the critical stages of development transform us; the Brotha O-Zone understands a fool!

...Plus in this danger zone I'm like NBA players...I  understand a rule or two is meant to impede our progress! 

...As I adjust bass treble and tone; a tool used to fight the ongoing chaos and confusion! 

Especially when I'm feeling some kind of way about it; I work or play my way out of it!!  breakbeat science is what I'm using!

Visions of my team losing? that's had by these hustle knockers!

But were feeling some kind of way about how will we play; we go all out for it!! physical and mental muscle is used by these block rockers!

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