Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Breaking You Off Something PT.2

As we proceed; the deal will not be shady like All State vs Goldman Sachs..we're just trying to break you off a little something!

As we proceed; praying is how we make it..just like Sugarland...what's up man?  jokers were happy go lucky; acting like its nothing!

....Soon morale is low; some said they're unlucky when their parades get rained on!

Whose up in Kentucky..with collar bombs in Sydney?.. meanwhile I rock the style of a low profile bro; it limits the charades exposure; plus I stay a step ahead, but sometimes gained on!

Who hit the switch?..they turned the pain on!! now they lay in the cut laughing!

I slap them upside the head with the blackjack when I found them; now they're flabbergasted by the sound and the math I bring!

On this forbidden path? I bring the good word plus O-Dog is the chief rocker!

Whats up with him? beats were obscure; they said he must be off his rocker!

A technique sweater or jocker was waiting in the dark; following Teddy Pendergrass's instructions!

Turned off the lights; following a snake in the grasses instructions!

Meanwhile classes are conducted we break you off a little something!

O-Zone has the good word plus O-Dizzle's intergalactic beats are bumping!

But in danger zones cashing reality checks in humbling..it's easy to get downgraded like Google...Standard and Poors is at it again..

The stranger was down with the clones....acting like he knew a bruh...hating..delaying...but we still manage to break you off something...the team scores again...

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