Thursday, April 21, 2011

Part Of A Bigger Plan...The Concept Is Revisited

So what's really going on? I'm down here in the A-Town...O-Zone was letting the hustlers hustle and all the players play!

Whats up with them? Steve Madden and Stacy Adams wearing!!!  what's happening...ladies fronting like Bratz engineering?  like today is the day!

Whats up with him? no loathing and fearing...please!!! this is part of a bigger plan.. the Brotha O was laying in the cut doing the knowledge.

Usually found floating through the galaxy; the stream of consciousness...the mothership gets good mileage!

Whose foul with this or that? price gouging like oil companies!! haters can't run these!! I let them go on about their business.

Knowing where I am or where I'm at;  this is part of a bigger need for a police escort like Charlie Sheen.. theres no ecological ignorance.

.....That would alter the fate..wrong date? wrong place wrong time syndrome is in full effect!

.....Plus wrong people!!! y'all late said the monitors..they were tracking I-Phone kind get no respect!

.....Now the flashing lights from first responders light up the night!!! damage done by drones in Libya?  somebody got in over their head!

Waters were contaminated like Gulf Oil Spills!!!  or even radioactive like off the coast of Japan instead.

The dread persona shows even though I rock the baldy;  is this hazardous material?'s medicine for the masses; with funk seminars and classes..what we have is spiritual!

Ghetto passes haven't expired!!  scars haven't healed; told to let it go..another Love TKO like Teddy Pendergrass.

Street funk was the rebuttal;  O-Deezy has hooks, bars and his on beats..a breakbeat scientist conducting a class.

Corrupt cops were busting that ass!!! some get detained like journalist in Libya..some are soon domesticated like poodles!

The buck stops for gamblers out for a fast they're all up in the spot eating oodles of noodles!

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