Saturday, September 11, 2010

No Honor Among Thieves..

No honor among you know crooks are mad because they didn't get their cut..

No honors or medals given..if they are they'll be taken back like Reggie Bush's Heisman Trophy.. the system deceives...the whole game is corrupt..

The's all game!! but we're still working on a come dealing with bad breaks and setbacks..

Who's bad like Micheal Jackson's joint? whose appointed? situations enhanced by fakes..wanting us to get back!!

Back up in the action!! back up in the spot..whose pumping breaks? then they'll get back in the race..

All up in the spot!! rolling through torture chambers..haters were back in our face..

Things have gotten warming? in these danger zones..I'm Still Here like Joaquin Phoenix... who else is on the case?

The fabric will rot..too much sunlight? who has the tanned face?

Another is banned from the race..persuaded not to follow through..said they would never burn Qurans.. who can learn from this man? whose waiting in the dark for an answer?

Please..reality jammed weapons in our face...get on the ground!! get on the ground!! like an episode of Cops.. haters laughed at a dancer...

Actually? O-Dog jammed..a dancer just might they Transcend and Transform; during the ongoing storm knowledge is dropped..

During the police chase..authorities rammed the vehicle..using pit maneuvers..whose doing what behooves us? soon suspects are dropped..

Whatcha know? the madness never stopped...somebody mentioned conspiracy theories..whose posted up at ground zero?

Whatcha know? who came back with this and that drama? like they found a hero..

Whatcha know? who did the math? the equation equaled zero..what's the formula?

No honor among thieves? whatcha facing? who believes? who deceives? who receives? reality has another storm for ya!!

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