Sunday, September 19, 2010

Carolina Cruisin..Random Thoughts Edition

You'll have to assume the risk according to the fine print...

Part of the program for Temple Of The Doom resident..their version of the story..they're fine with it..

It's their story and they're sticking to it..even though they failed their first drug test like Lindsay Lohan..

Comes with the territory was the cliche heard...little homie in West Charlotte was heard asking you didn't know man?

Others will tell the story on Facebook..another form of snitching? said they're going for what they know man!!

Drama goes down when they're face to face with a crook..who'll get hit up? weapons and stolen vehicles they're ditching in the backwoods of North Carolina..who'll know man?

Who'll find them man? it's like that cult-like group in Palmdale California that's missing..

Old girl in Georgia asked what's it all worth?..heard her say "if you don't know you better find it" what's missing?

Plus old girl said "I know dats right" after the drama was like the Gaza Strip..

Some are waiting in the dark for answers..dodging therocks that are hurled..trying not to flip...

Meanwhile I'm trying to dip down I-85 in Charlotte..still Carolina Cruisin..

Please...things are all the way'll take more than ESPN of Fox Sports to tell you whose winning or losing...

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