Monday, July 2, 2018

Summer Vibes - Chill & Funky Jazz Beats

The Music Monday edition of Digital Crate Digging is going down!! we're in the midst of it...

Let the music play!! what it do? my people are digging this, feeling the bliss of it...

Naysayers say ignorance is bliss so we try to make a difference with this!! the good word is dropped..

Naysayers say belligerence is brought with this, similar to Trump meeting Putin? the madness never stopped..

These players hip hopped, housed them and now we drop this jazzhop on them with Summer Vibes - Chill and Funky Jazz Beats

It's courtesy of LTB Music, check out the playlist and the mix!! for chilling? it's conducive!! also right on time when this funky drummer is out in those streets..

Tracklist :

00:00 Bonus Points - Jet Skis and Gelato 

03:05 Cadit - Sunset Blues

06:35 Funkmammoth - Dashiki

08:56 GYVUS - Venice

11:35 Funkmammoth - Ipanema 

13:42 The Beatknitter - MPD 595-3 

16:50 The Beatknitter - MPD 648-4

19:42 Pabzzz - Lazy Mood

22:48 Funkmammoth - Rest Easy

26:10 Dj Grumble - BombsAmwayJB2

28:40 Pabzzz Like What

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