Friday, June 3, 2011

Inspiration Was Provided..

They said I was a hater; rolling like dude out in Arizona mad about the divorce?  I tried not to be; giving folk the benefit of the doubt!

....But then the next episode went down....some were misled..that caused a bruh to have his doubts!

Were like Rampage Jackson....all up in championship bouts!! similar to the rumble in the jungle!

The situation is far from sublime; the saga / struggle continues! through Babylon the hooptie rumbles..

Found a portal to slide sub prime mortgage on my soul!! its not how I roll ; like Roy Ayers says everybody loves the sunshine!

All up in the game...played like a sub..a scrub.....any respect for mine?

Trying to run mine!! but facing opposition like Obama because of the economy..handling my business before it handles me!

Chilling out  in the backyard on my deck... in my compound;  moves are soon made...rolling into Summer Madness like Kool and The Gang..if I do or don't somebody damns me!

Chilling is where you found me; in the background I hear traffic running up and down I-20.

The mothership strands me on earth; dealing with these earthlings calling themselves trying to run me!

Realizing that its on me; spotted the First Light per Freddie Hubbard and Joe Henderson!

Dealing with the madness; rolling incognito...the woodwork I blend in!

Soon emerging with the good word; while O-Dizzle is blending the brand new funk!

Putting in good work blue collar style in the ATL;  they say were getting crunk!

Up in Louisville? brothas were behind the liquor store getting drunk; plus backwoods was in the atmosphere.

Whats the score? brothas gonna work it out like Willie Hutch... from the backwoods of Kentucky to the red clay of Georgia to the sands of the Mideast; we see that life is not fair!

Toil and strife; here and looks like we can't escape it!

Inspiration for this breakbeat science; O-Dizzle will tape it!

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